Oil Hose - Less Fuel Lost, More Money Saved

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of oil hoses in China. It is always concentrating on manufacturing the most suitable hoses for our customers.

Oil hoses are engineered to convey oils from one place to another. They are essential components of engines, industrial equipment and other places for its capability of flexibility and absorption of vibration and noise. They are serving in petroleum, automobile, agriculture, industrial, home and other fields where oils are required to provide powers.

Oil hoses come in a great number of versions, including oil cooler hose, fuel filler hose, fuel injection hose, petroleum dispensing hose, oil resistant hose and so on. Hoses are separated into different types for diverse working conditions, constructions and compatibilities with oils and fuels.

As we all know, biofuels are becoming the future inclination of increasingly numbers of industries, families and entrepreneurs. Fuel formulations today are diverse such as soybeans, coconuts, corn and used cooking oils. These fuel blends are friendly to the environment not only by reducing pollution but also dependence on non-renewable energies. However, biofuels are not so friendly to the automotive and engine systems. For the higher content of aromatic hydrocarbons, general rubber hoses will fail in a shorter time for they are not compatible with these biofuels. Apart from hose deterioration, particles loosen from the tube will contaminate and obstruct fuel injectors.
To solve these problems, our fuel injection hoses have added a barrier layer which makes the oil permeation much lower than EPA standards.

Oil hoses are acting as important role in a great number of fields. Once you choose our hoses, we promise that you won't worry about the hoses any more.

    Fuel Injection Hose

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    Engine Oil Cooler Hose

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    Fuel Filler Hose

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    Transmission Oil Cooler Hose

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