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7 Letters for the Right Oil Hose Selection

An oil hose is not suitable for all service conditions. Proper selections save you time and money while improper selections do the opposite job. Depending on our rich experiences of manufacturing, designing and dispensing oil hoses, general principles of selecting oil hoses have been formed. It is a group of Six Letters - S.T.A.M.P.E.D.

  • S represents SIZEs - Inside Diameter, Outside Diameter and Length.
    Inside diameter has a close relationship with the velocity of flow. The greater the velocity, the greater damage to the tube. For the flow velocity surpasses its rated data, it will make the tube more easily to be damaged by corrosive media especially biofuels and other chemical solvents. Usually, a liner is required to support higher velocity of flow.
  • T represents TEMPERATURE of the substances handling by the hose and the ambient temperature. Our oil hoses are provided their normal operating temperatures for the continuous working condition. Once the working temperature exceeds its rated temperature, the hose will apparently shorten its deterioration time.
  • A represents APPLICATION. Oil hoses are widely required in agriculture, industry, petroleum, chemical, automobile fields. Diverse applications will place different requirements to the hoses, for example, the ability of withstanding temperature, corrosive media and pressures.
  • M represents the MATERIAL the hose carries. For oil hoses, the precise compositions of the oils should be told before selecting a hose. Common rubber hoses are not compatible with aromatic hydrocarbons. NBR, a frequently-used material in fuel hoses, is not suitable for oils with high aromatic content.
  • P represents for PRESSURE. Reinforcement supports the hose assembly to load internal pressures. It comes in simple or complex constructions to satisfy various requirements of pressure.
  • E represents ENDs. End fitting is often the weak part where leakage occurs. Materials of end fittings come in carbon steel, stainless steel and brass.
  • D represents DELIVERY requirements, containing package, quality and delivery requirements.

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