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Fuel injection hose serves longer, saves more fuels

Fuel injection hose features ultra-low permeation and high working pressure. It is not only used in fuel injection systems, but also universally used in all fuel systems, such as power steering systems.

For different purposes, fuel injection hoses are separated into two types – fuel injection return hose and fuel injection pressure hose. The former is especially used on the non-pressure side (up to 50 psi), while the latter is usually found in the pressure side up to 225 psi. Both hoses are friendly to environment for their super low permeation and apparently save fuel in contrast to conventional rubber hoses. They are extensively used in cars, light trucks and other small engines.


  • Super low permeation.
  • Working temperature: -40°F to 257°F (-40° C to 125°C).
  • Length: 25’, 50’ or 250’.
Fuel injection hose has five layers Fuel injection hose in black color
Fuel injection hose construction Fuel injection hose lined by fluoroelastomer

Fuel injection hose consists of five plies (from inner to outer): tube, barrier, adhesion layer, reinforcement and cover.
Fluoroelastomer rubber tube is famous for its ultra-low permeation and chemical inertness. It is quite compatible with gasoline (leaded and unleaded), diesel, biodiesel up to E85, methanol, ethanol and other fuel blends.
Thermoplastic barrier layer is designed for reducing fuels permeation. It is an effective part to prevent emitting hydro-carbon vapors into the environment.
Adhesion layer is designed as the second defence when the tube fails. It bounds together with the thermoplastic barrier, reinforcement and cover.
Reinforcement is made of textile spiral layers. It is not suitable for pressure side, because its maximum working pressure is 50 psi.
CSM cover has excellent performances in resisting ozone deterioration, abrasion, heat, oils, acids and weather.

Product descriptions:

Fuel injection return hose, 50 psi
Part No. I.D. (in.) I.D. (mm) O.D. (in.) O.D. (mm) Working (psi)
FRH00 3/l6 4.8 13/32 10.3 50
FRH01 1/4 6.3 1/2 12.7 50
FRH02 5/16 8 9/16 14.3 50
FRH03 3/8 9.5 5/8 15.9 50
FRH04 1/2 12.7 25/32 19.8 50


Fuel injection pressure hose, 225 psi
Part No. I.D. (in.) I.D. (mm) O.D. (in.) O.D. (mm) Working (psi)
FPH00 1/4 6.3 1/2 12.7 225
FPH01 5/16 8 9/16 14.3 225
FPH02 3/8 9.5 5/8 15.9 225

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